Donate to the GREAT GIVE! All donations appreciated! Your donations of $10 or more will be matched dollar for dollar! All funds going to help us get our recording studio up and running!
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ATC Raising money for RECORDING STUDIO!!!

Added: May 01, 2019 - 04:44 PM by JenDiBlanda

I am reaching out to as many people as I can today who spent time at the ATC in the past.or present. The ATC is participating today in The Great Give along with 405 other non profits. It is a 36 hour online fundraiser. We are hoping to raise enough money to finally build our recording studio! I am asking as many of my friends and family as possible to please make a $10 (or more if you feel so inclined) donation. That $10 will be matched and become $20 thanks to an anonymous donor! This is such a worthy cause! Go to this link.... Please consider donating to the ATC! #greatgive

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